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On.Care began as a web development company creating small scale websites. As our experience in web development grew, our customers began to hire us to build web-based business applications. In 2004, our parent company, Merchantkey LLC, was hired to develop a web-based purchasing system for a group of fifteen nursing homes. As the software matured, additional features were added, we then realized that there was a market for our newly created software. In 2006, On.Care expanded and acquired its second nursing home group. From this expansion, we realized that each group’s needs were individualized, so we began to take suggestions from both nursing home groups to better optimize the software.

As the suggestions rolled in, and new features rolled out, Word about the On.Care software quickly spread. By 2007, On.Care had acquired ten nursing home groups bringing our company to the next level. With a few hundred nursing homes using our purchasing system, we continued to advance our software to try and fulfill all of our customer’s needs. But it did not stop there, we currently have several hundred groups and a few thousand nursing homes relying on On.Care everyday for the purchasing needs. We plan to continue this exponential growth in both the number of users as well as the abilities of our software and look forward to continuing to be a leader in the healthcare procurement industry!

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