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About Oncare

We are not just a software company. We are a service. We are dedicated to our customers and will show you how to use our software to become more efficient at purchasing. With increased efficiency, you will have reduced costs.

  • Reduce Cost

  • Get organized

  • Excellent support

We keep your data safe

You need stability. You need OnCare because we believe in this stability. That is why we chose Microsoft Azure as our partner. With Microsoft Azure as your hosting company, you can be assured that our server will have 99.9% uptime. You can also be assured that your data will be backed up offsite each day, keeping your data safe.

Oncare Mobile

Imagine being able to create your OnCare orders right from the stock room. Introducing OnCare Mobile. With our new HTML5 site you can view and create OnCare orders using any mobile device with an internet connection.

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What is Oncare ?

OnCare is a software company that is dedicated to helping customers lower their costs when purchasing supplies for nursing homes and hotels. By using our software, you have easy access to orders, budgets, and more. Our software automatically scans your orders and chooses the cheapest vendor prices in your system for the products you have chosen. This helps you to increase your profits and improve your business.

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our Features

The OnCare purchasing software helps you to be more cost efficient with your spending. We have many advanced features in our system that are simple to use that will help save you time and money. This can help you to expand your business. We offer OnCare Mobile, Punchout Shopping, Budget Dashboards, Electronic Invoicing, and more. Click below to read more about OnCare's features.

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How It Works

OnCare has a very simple process. It allows facility users to easily place their orders. The orders can then be sent to an administrator of your choosing for approval. After approval, the orders will be sent to the vendors and then the vendors will ship their orders to you.

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Oncare Vendor Network

OnCare works with a wide variety of vendors that supply medical, dietary, office, furniture, and more. We have integrations with them and are currently working on integrating with many more to help provide you, our customer, with the easiest and most rich ordering experience that we can.

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